Development Wheel: CEO of DEW


CEO of DEWThroughout my professional career in many different National and International development organizations for the last 28 years, I have gained experiences in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a variety of development projects. I worked for BRAC, CARE-Bangladesh, Terre Des Hommes France, DEVISE, ILO and UNDP-Bangladesh for around 14 years. I have started my career as a development worker from the entry-level position at the grassroots level  up to different managerial positions. In 1996, with my experience and visions, and the support from a group of dedicated development professionals and nationally and internationally reputed researchers, I have founded a national non-profit organization - Development Wheel (DEW).

DEW’s principal aim is it to work for the marginalized and very poor communities in Bangladesh on achieving DEW’s core vision: “to have a society where all people enjoy equal rights and equitable access to employment and adequate resources that are necessary for sustaining one's livelihood  and to live in dignity.”

Mr. Shah Abdus Salam completed his Masters in Sociology from the University of Dhaka in 1986. His areas of interests include Fair Trade issues, Livelihood security, Human Rights and Good Governance, Business Development Services and Climate change. He is an active member of many different national and international development networks such as MDF, ECOTA, CUP, SUPRO, WFTO, WFTO Asia, Civicus, AWED, ICSFD, CANSA, HIC and IAVE. As an active member of these networks, he has participated in many national and international conferences, meetings, seminars and has traveled to more than thirty countries around the globe.