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 Market/Business Development Services-BDS Programme

DEW is implementing the “Sustainable Livelihoods for Poor Producers in Mymensingh and Netrokona, Bangladesh (SLIPP)” supported by the European Commission (EU) and co-funded by Traidcraft Exchange. By creating a business-enabling environment for marginal producers and Micro- and Small Enterprises (MSEs), and by strengthening their capacity, as well as by developing grassroot producer associations and affordable business service (BS) provisions, this project aims to improve their productivity and create better market access.  The ultimate aim is to increase employment and income opportunities of poor and disadvantaged communities, which will ensure their sustainable livelihoods.

Our approach is to systematically analyze the market using various methods such as Sub-sector and value chain analysis to identify all the actors, their interrelationships and constraints, and finding out viable solutions. DEW merely seeks to play the role of a facilitator; without directly getting involved, DEW develops systems that ensure that the poor have access to appropriate Business Development Service (BDS) that they need on a sustainable basis to fight poverty. SLIPP has chosen 3 sub-sectors: Fish and Vegetables for Mymensingh and Duck rearing and Vegetable for Netrokona district.

We are working in partnership with a network of partner NGOs to facilitate the development of producer groups and associations. Side by side, their capacity to work with the newly evolved approach (BDS) will be build through this project so that they can integrate it in their existing programmse, as well as develop future projects around sustainable economic development. Partner NGO’s are GRAMAUS, MATI, GKP and USA in Mymensingh and SUS, ARBAN, JKP and WDO in Netrokona.

Overall Objective: to reduce poverty among poor and marginalized communities in Northern Bangladesh by increasing income and employment opportunities

Specific Objective: to increase the ability of marginalized MSEs and their producers to benefit equitably from trade through-

  • Forming producer groups to enable sustainable and cost effective market access and strengthening the supply chain
  • Building the capacity of the business service providers to offer affordable and quality services to MSEs/producers in a sustainable manner
  • Creating an institutional infrastructure of business support services for poor MSEs and producers
  • Influencing policy makers to ensure an enabling business environment for poor MSEs and producers

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DEW Vision

A society where all people will enjoy equal rights, equitable access to employment and adequate resources necessary for their livelihoods and will live in dignity.

DEW Mission

DEW is dedicated to improving livelihoods security of the poor segments of the society in Bangladesh through increasing their participation (particularly women) in small scale economic activities by creating the provision of a range of business and life skills for them.

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