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Environment Programme

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Environment Programme

Environment and Climate Change is now evolving as a burning issue throughout the world. Bangladesh is one of the worst victims of Environment and Climate Change. We have been experiencing frequent natural disaster including severe cyclones like Sidr, regular flooding, short monsoon period, irregular pattern of rainfall, drought, sea level rise, land sliding and other climatic shocks very frequently, causing serious damage to life and property.

To combat the adverse impact of environment and climate change on the Char dwellers, DEW is actively working to promote adaptation technologies. DEW supports vulnerable groups by providing them with sustainable livelihood information, technology and runs awareness programs through conducting research, training, IEC materials, rally, etc. DEW also organizes rural livelihood and agricultural biodiversity fair, demonstration, memorandum, promoting sustainable agriculture practices. The project is supported by Oxfam International under its climate change and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Programme (CSRL). DEW is also planning for a river bank erosion protection plantation programme in the river basin areas of the river Brahmaputra and Jamuna.

DEW has been implementing the Urban Peripheral Environment Improvement Project with the financial assistance of the UNDP since the beginning of 2004. The overriding objective of the project is to reduce environmental pollution in the Savar Export Processing Zone promoting broad-based initiatives of waste management and enhancing environmentally friendly practices of the concerned factory owners, EPZ authorities and community members. In view of this, the project facilitates factory and domestic solid waste management activities by organizing an Environment Watchdog Committee of civil societies and local government representatives to build their awareness on environmental issues.

To raise awareness of the wealth and opportunities of the chars and char dwellers in Bangladesh, DEW organized a Livelihood Fair (Jibika Mela) in a char island of Jamuna river in Jamalpur district to promote their products and introduce char dwellers to mainland traders.

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DEW Vision

A society where all people will enjoy equal rights, equitable access to employment and adequate resources necessary for their livelihoods and will live in dignity.

DEW Mission

DEW is dedicated to improving livelihoods security of the poor segments of the society in Bangladesh through increasing their participation (particularly women) in small scale economic activities by creating the provision of a range of business and life skills for them.

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